WWE Total Divas Recap: Rikishi Skips Jon And Trinity's Wedding, Eva Has A Health Scare, More

This week's episode of Total Divas opens in Tampa. Natalya meets Trinity at a bar. They talk about how long Trinity and Jon have been engaged. They start playing pool. Natalya says that if Jon makes a ball in he and Trinity have to get married in the next six months.


Then, things head over to Eva Marie and her husband. She is in lots of pain, so they leave to go to the doctor. Her stomach is oddly expanded, and she is scared.

The show heads to Baltimore and Nikki meets Natalya and Ariane for lunch. They talk about sex, and Natalya doesn't know what a certain position is. Brie shows up. Natalya talks about how she is a bit conservative, but she likes it that way. Bryan shows up, and they tell him that Natalya doesn't know what a position is. Then, the Bellas tell a story about how their dogs got stuck together having sex.

Then, Trinity and Jon are shown in bed. They decide they are going to take several days off to get married in Hawaii. Trinity asks Jon if his dad Rikishi will be there, and Jon doesn't know. They haven't spoken in quite some time, so they plan on talking to him about the wedding at old school RAW.


Eva and her husband arrive at the doctor. She comes in, and Eva tells her about her symptoms. The doctor tells her it's possible she's developing an ovarian cyst. Eva is scared because of her job. They take Eva back to examine, and they find a cyst that ruptured. She has to stay bed ridden and let her body absorb all of the fluid. She calls WWE.

Things head back to Baltimore as old school RAW is getting set up. Trinity approaches Jon backstage and asks if he has talked to Rikishi yet. He hasn't, and Trinity tells him why it's so important that they talk to his dad. They leave to go talk to Rikishi.

Next, footage is shown from Too Cool and Rikishi vs. 3MB. Trinity and Jon are watching backstage. Rikishi approaches them as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Jon asks Rikishi if he will be at their wedding. Rikishi starts crying as Trinity says she wouldn't be comfortable without him knowing. Rikishi says he just wants them happy, and Trinity says it would mean a lot for him to be there. Rikishi agrees to go and gives Jon a hug.

Stuff heads to Orlando. Eva and her husband show up at a specialist's office for her follow up appointment. Eva gets checked, and the doctor says her uterine cavity didn't form right. More tests need to be performed on her.


The show heads back to Baltimore. Ariane, Nikki, and Natalya are working out. They give Natalya more crap about not knowing about the sex position. They try and get Natalya to go to sex therapy to loosen up a bit with TJ. Ariane calls her sex therapist, and her and Natalya talk. The therapist agrees to come and see Natalya.

Back in Orlando, and Eva gets a call from her doctor. The doctor tells her something bad, and Eva doesn't even want to tell it to Jonathan.

Back from commercial and Jonathan shows up at his and Eva's apartment. Eva tells him that she talked to her doctor, and starts crying. She tells Jonathan that because of the problems she might be able to have children. Jonathan really wants kids, and he isn't sure how to process it. He tells Eva that they are good though, and that when it comes time to have kids they will figure stuff out. Jonathan asks if Eva told her mom, and Eva says she didn't. She says that her and her family aren't even speaking. Jonathan wants her to talk to her mom.

The show heads to Hawaii. Trinity, Jon, Jey and his girlfriend arrive. Jon doesn't know when Rikishi's flight gets in, and Trinity thinks it's weird. They arrive at the hotel where they are having the wedding.


Back to Eva and Jonathan, and Eva gets off the phone with her doctor. She makes another appointment, and Jonathan urges her to talk to her mom again. She is scared to talk to her. Jonathan calls Eva's mom and gives the phone to Eva. Eva's mom doesn't really seem comforting at all. Eva starts crying as things head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Eva is still on the phone with her mom. Eva tells her what happened and that she may never be able to have kids. Her mom tells her that she misses her and loves her. Her mom says she will be there ASAP.

Things head over to TJ and Natalya. The sex therapist arrives at their home. TJ says he doesn't know why the meeting is even happening. He doesn't think there is any problem with their sex life. Natalya wants TJ to get excited about it. The therapist suggests they sex proof their house. She takes them around their house talking about how they can have sex in the different rooms. Then, she asks them about the first time they ever had sex. TJ talks about it, and Natalya is surprised that he was being so romantic about it.

The show goes back to Jon and Trinity in Hawaii. They are with their family, but Rikishi still hasn't arrived yet. Trinity, Jey, and Jon talk about it outside. Jon says he isn't coming. Trinity asks if it's because of her. She says she hopes it's not because of her as things head to commercial.


Back from commercial and Jey, Jon and Trinity are still outside. Jon says that Rikishi isn't coming because he has a last minute appearance. Jey says that Rikishi may not be there, but he is. He says that he is so proud of them both. His whole life has been with Jon, and he knew that Jon and Trinity were in love the first time they saw each other. He tells Trinity she is in the family now and that he loves both of them.

Then, things head to Ariane, Natalya, and the Bellas. Natalya tells them about what the sex therapist did, and that her and TJ tried roleplaying later in the evening. Then, footage is shown of their roleplaying. Natalya doesn't want to tell them the intimate details about it.

Next, footage is shown of a Natalya match with Aksana. Brie, Ariane, and Summer are watching the match backstage, and they all comment about how great she looked.

Things head over to Jon and Trinity's wedding as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and the wedding is shown. Then, things head back to Jonathan and Eva in Orlando. Their doorbell rings, and it's Eva's mother and father. They give her a hug as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Eva gives them a breakdown of everything that happened. Jonathan tells them that they went to three different doctors and that he will do whatever it takes to make things better. Eva's dad says that it's nice coming to see them with Eva comfortable and Jonathan taking care of things. Her dad and Jonathan hug and they all laugh together.


Then, footage is shown from Trinity and Jon's reception. Jon's mother says that Trinity and Jon were meant for one another and welcomes her to the family. Trinity says that she is looking forward to a bright future together as the show ends.