Another WWE Name Change, WrestleMania Season Pass, Vickie Guerrero On Making Villains List

- As noted earlier, tonight's episode of WWE Countdown on the WWE Network will look at the top ten greatest villains. In the video above, Vickie Guerrero reacts in-character to making the list.

- WWE is dropping the "Alexander" from Rusev's name, and he will be simply known as "Rusev" going forward.


- Just a reminder that through the end of the day, you can take $5 off regular priced t-shirts at by clicking here.

- You can catch the WrestleMania 30 Season Pass on iTunes next Monday, May 12th. You can also watch several classic matches for free, including John Cena vs. Batista at Over The Limit and The Undertaker's classic WrestleMania matches against Batista and Shawn Michaels. More details are here.

Jacob Westling contributed to this article.