Los Matadores Reveal Their Original Gimmick Idea, Former Diva On AJ Lee's Engagement, JBL, More

- Above is another extra for tonight's WWE Countdown episode on the WWE Network looking at the ten greatest wrestling villains. In the video, JBL uses a "buy" or "sell" financial method to look at a few of the names on the list. Ric Flair, Vickie Guerrero and JBL get "buys", while the Honky Tonk Man gets a "sell."

- A special aired in Puerto Rico recently looking at Carlos Colon's road to the WWE Hall of Fame. During the special, Primo and Epico were interviewed about their Los Matadores gimmick. They revealed that they were the ones that came up with the idea for the gimmick and that they wanted a change because they felt that they were getting stale. They originally wanted to be heels and be cocky and arrogant Spaniards, but after pitching the idea to "the boss," they were told that they were going to be babyfaces with a mascot. Carlos Colon Sr. admitted that he isn't a big fan of the gimmick, but that he understands that WWE is very different than wrestling in Puerto Rico.

- The Trentonian has an article here about Stephanie McMahon, Natalya, The Big Show and Renee Young participating in a Special Olympics event in Lawrenceville, NJ last Sunday.

- Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn commented on AJ Lee's recent engagement to CM Punk on her Twitter. She wrote:

"I thought it would be a cold day in hell before both AJ and I would ever be getting married.... And it's not even to each other."

Carli contributed to this article.


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