More On Batista Taking Time Off And His WWE Status, Other WWE Talents Reportedly Upset

- There are many WWE talents that are currently upset over money and pay. No more details are available yet.

This appears to be part of what's going on with Batista. It's said that Batista's problem is not with Daniel Bryan. Batista isn't happy with how things he was told would happen when he came in have been changed. It was said that the money isn't that great and when you have money like he does, it makes it easier to leave, as we saw with CM Punk. Batista was scheduled to take time off in June any way and he had decided to just leave a few weeks early.

We noted before that WWE officials spent Sunday trying to talk him into working with Bryan at Payback. We noted early Sunday via PWInsider that backstage at Extreme Rules, Batista was giving the impression that he might stick around through Payback. The last word on his status for Payback came just a few hours before his match last night and word is that "it wasn't looking good."

Source: F4WOnline


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