"Reddit Guy" Gets Another Wrong, WWE - IZOD Center Pre-Sale Code, Off-Camera Note

- WWE will return to the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ for a live event on Friday, September 26th. The pre-sale code is IZODWWE.

- While the Extreme Rules opening video package was airing, officials placed a bunch of weapons under the ring.


- Reddit user Dolphins1925, who gained notoriety last year for correctly posting the results of several WWE pay-per-views before the matches took place, got another pick wrong tonight. His/her picks matched the betting odds from the U.K. gambling sites, and like those sites, Dolphins1925 incorrectly predicted Evolution to beat The Shield. A lot of people expected Dolphins1925 to stop posting their picks after having a rough night at WrestleMania last month. Dolphins1925 wrote:

"I have come in contact with my source and have been assured the PPV results are still being leaked. To withhold the results would compromise the integrity of the WWE and lead it to becoming even more predictable than it has in recent months. After a single month of unpredictability at WM it appears they're back at square 1. And without bringing attention to this nothing will change and the WWE will continue to be complacent in offering a sub-par product with predictable outcomes."


@Kadium contributed to this article.