Big Time Wrestling announced that Scott Hall will not be appearing at today’s WrestleFest event in Newark, CA. Ezekiel Jackson will be replacing Hall at the event. Hall’s talent agent, Bill Behrens, sent an email to the promoter stating that Hall was battling personal issues and was unwilling to travel to California. Behrens wrote:

“I regret that Scott Hall decided last minute he would not make the trip from Atlanta with his son Cody to Big Time Wrestling’s WrestleFest and wrestling event. His son, Cody Hall, Dallas Page and myself all tried to change his mind but he could not get past the personal issues that had him unwilling to travel to California.

“Kirk, you are a true professional who goes out of his way to deliver what he promotes and promises. I hope the fans who attend WrestleFest and that evening’s wrestling event do not feel shortchanged by Scott’s decision. I am confident all who attend will have a great time. I believe it is Scott Hall’s loss to have missed this opportunity to meet his many fans and to see his son Cody wrestle for the first time in California. I am sure in time he will come to regret his decision, if he has not already.”

Hall issued an apology on Twitter last night and said that he wouldn’t be appearing due to medical problems, writing, “Medical problems will prevent me from appearing in Newark, CA tommorow. I apologize to all the fans. Thank you”

Jake “The Snake” Roberts appeared on Roddy Piper’s podcast last week and noted that Hall had “slipped up a little bit” and that he was praying for him. I also spoke to Diamond Dallas Page earlier this week for an interview that will appear on Wrestling Inc. early next week. During the interview, I asked DDP about Hall’s problems.

“I think the [Ultimate] Warrior passing affected a lot of people,” DDP said. “I know Scott and Jake had great discussions with him. Both of them were supposed to work with Warrior at sometime and didn’t. Scott was supposed to tag with Flair at Survivor Series and that was around the time Warrior ended up leaving. Jake was doing all those vignettes and that didn’t work out either. Jake held onto that anger until they talked. Scott will never put himself out there as the poster boy for being cured. He’s thinking he could fall today. He only lives a mile from me, which was his design, and sometimes he’ll just come by. I am a foundation of positive energy because the other way sucks. You need to figure out how to pull yourself up again.”

@colin_mcandrew contributed to this article.