Sound Off: Is The Daniel Bryan Vs. Kane Feud Going Too Long?

Right before Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan restarted his storied rivalry with Kane. In hopes to please the Authority, Kane playing the Director of Operations role was trying to diffuse the "Yes!" movement. When it did not work and Daniel Bryan was defiant, Kane brought back his mask, stalked Bryan's newlywed wife Brie Bella, and inserted himself in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture as the No.1 contender.


While their match at Extreme Rules exceeded expectations, many believed it was just going to be a one-off match to continue Daniel Bryan's championship reign as the fighting and triumphant underdog. However, the next night on Raw proved otherwise.

On Raw, WWE did a poor job concocting the next chapter of this feud. After Bryan finished his match with Alberto Del Rio, somehow Kane continued his quest to stalk and capture Brie by parking himself in the back seat of their car, drawing shock, awe, and fear from both Daniel and Brie. And Brie's acting during that segment? Horrendous.

As WrestlingInc. previously reported, a Buried Alive match between Bryan and Kane is projected to headline June's Payback "Special Event." Although it will most likely be another good match between the two, it does not give Bryan a contender that could draw some suspense in being someone who could possibly dethrone him.


So here is your chance to chime in: Do you think the Daniel Bryan vs. Kane feud 1) should have never transpired, 2) has gone too long, or 3) is going just fine. Sound off below.