Sound Off: Would Dean Ambrose Make A Good Addition To The Authority?

Tonight, WWE will host its annual Extreme Rules pay per view. This event will exhibit the official in-ring reunion of Evolution, as they face the Shield in a six-man tag match. This will be the first time in nearly ten years since Evolution have been in the ring together, and the feud so far has been a good build.


As reported on WrestlingINC, Batista is not scheduled to be in the WWE for the foreseeable future past this Monday's Raw. That creates two major options – one would be the Shield winning cleanly, Evolution quickly dissolving, and both teams end the feud against each other.

The other option would be for WWE to pull a major swerve. This would be to have US Champion Dean Ambrose turn on his fellow Shield teammates, costing the team the match and joining the Authority. This could set up a US Title match against Seth Rollins at Payback, and even a Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns match at the PPV as well.

Ambrose has all the characteristics of a natural heel. Although he has gelled well with the Shield since their babyface turn, he would be better used as a heel, showcasing his Brian Pillman-esque character in a better fashion. Moreover, it could finally bring meaning to the US Championship again, as it would be showcased in a featured match on a PPV. An Ambrose turn would create such an impact in future WWE programming, with viewers anticipating how his role would materialize being a member of the Authority.


So, with Extreme Rules looming, here is your chance to sound off: Should WWE pull a swerve and have Dean Ambrose join the Authority? If so, would he be a good fit?

Sound off below, and enjoy the show.