Terri Runnels On Her Relationship With Goldust, Owen Hart, Being In PMS, Taking A Stinkface, More

Former WWE and WCW personality Terri Runnels recently did an "Ask Me Anything" chat on Reddit. Below are some highlights:

Being in the PMS stable and doing the miscarriage angle:

"HATED the name PMS, HATED, HATED that cheap angle!!! That was a Vince Russo special that I begged him to change...Vince McMahon sided with Russo on that one! CHEAP and not effective!"

Her favorite Owen Hart story:

"Dustin and I always went over to Harley and BJ Race's home to have his award winning chili. The night before the PPV we went over and Owen and I think Mick Foley came too. Harley had made a literal VAT of chili and he was very proud and protective of his bathtub full of red heaven! When Harley wasn't looking Owen went to change the ratio of hot sauce to chili and accidentally (I really don't think he meant to drop the whole bottle in the chili...maybe he did) added an entire bottle of hell's whispers to the blue ribbon pot! Needless to say when Harley realized it and when he finally caught Owen off guard the next day he USED his stun gun on Owen until tears where coming out of Owen's eyes! I really miss Owen! :( "

Her favorite Ray Traylor story:

"Oh Dear Lord...there are just SO many and most take too long! I will tell you that Ray legitimately got us LOST in a parking garage for 15 minutes! Not saying what plant from God's GREEN EARTH he might have enjoyed prior to...just saying I actually starting Fussin' at him. For all of you NON Southerners...that would mean I was audibly complaining! :D "

How many behind the scenes romances were there with Superstars and Divas?

"Can't tell you now but it certainly seems like it is occurring some more now than in the ATTITUDE ERA! Lots of KayFabe Lovin back in the day!"

Did WWE want her to expose her chest when The Kat did?

"I showed what I wanted to where my boobs were concerned. I enjoyed the introduction and perfection of the underboob! Always made some countries a little nervous. :D "

Getting put through a table by The Dudleys:

"LOVED being the first woman to be put through the table with the Dudleys. Vince was VERY nervous and threatened Bubba if he hurt me! I asked for the table NOT to be gimmicked...and my only regret is that Bubba was scared he would hurt me and he protected me too much! I wanted more of that table! TRUE!"

Who she wanted to work more with:

"I would love to have done more with Steve Austin. We always had fun whenever we had "stuff" to do. He is not the "manage needy type" if ya know what I mean! :D Still liked working with him. Loved working with Edge and would have liked more and also Test. I would have had fun with Kevin Nash too!"

Taking a stinkface from Rikishi:

"Funny story...Junior said "Girl, I am extra fresh and clean for you!"...and so he was! Who woulda thunk it right!?! If you ever really pay attention...most people don't "take" his finish...I saw it as a respect thing and took it as best I could. He could have made it brutal for me and didn't...so happy we have been good friends for over 25 years! We go way back to NWA WCW days at Center Stage in ATL...them wuz tha dayz! :D "

What's the nicest thing Vince McMahon ever did for her?

"Let me sign a contract to only work TV's and PPV's so I could be at home with Dakota! :) "

Her current relationship with Goldust:

"Always massive respect and love based on the fact that we have a daughter together. Sometimes I wish his current wife would be comfortable in the fact that he is all hers where the husband wife thing is concerned. We have co-parented and communicated since 1999 w/o any major troubles. I think there might be a bit of a short leash there. That is his choice and he has to live with it. What matters is that we communicate for Dakota. We used to have a lot more fun and laughs though...I have to say that is a bit disappointing now that I think of it. :( "

Will she ever write a tell-all book?

"Nope, I like my friends and don't think it's nice to do that to them. I think people should have a choice if they want to tell provocative things about themselves...shouldn't be in the hand of others."

Does she see herself in the WWE Hall of Fame?

"I sincerely believe there are SO many deserving older wrestlers that should be given the honor before me."

What was planned for her storyline with Brian Pillman before his death:

"I was going to leave Dustin instead of finishing out the renewal of our vows after Brian "had" me for 30 days. Dustin was going to turn face and I would have become more of a heel."