Triple H Comments On RAW Match, Identity Of Mini Announcers At WWE Extreme Rules, Kurrgan Video

- In the video above, The Sports Courier's Fred Richani talks to former WWE star Robert "Kurrgan" Maillet about wrestling, acting and more.

- As noted, Dean Ambrose will defend his United States Title in a 20-man battle royal tonight's RAW. Triple H tweeted about the match:


"Just announced for 8pm on Raw Epic 20 man over the top rope battle Royal for the US Title ..... #Raw #BestForBuisness"

- Short Sleeve Sampson was the one playing Jerry Smaller on commentary during the WWE Extreme Rules pre-show. Micro Cole was played by Pennsylvania indie wrestler Shovelhead Chuck and JB-Elf was played by Northeast Championship Wrestling performer Rob Araujo.

Josh Cordell contributed to this article.