Triple H Talks About Future Plans For NXT, Tough Enough, Vince's Opinion On NXT, Merriman, More

- Triple H did a conference call with the wrestling media today to promote Thursday's NXT Takeover event, an event he sounds very proud and excited about. Here are some highlights:

* They aren't sure if NXT will have monthly live specials on the WWE Network yet but never say never and they will likely end up being quarterly. He talked about not wanting to get sidetracked and away from what NXT really is, where they get talents ready for the future.

* He admitted that just because something works well in NXT doesn't mean it will work on the main roster and the transition from NXT to the main roster is a tough one. Still, he is very happy with NXT, the talents there and the talents who have came up.

* He talked about using main roster Superstars to help the younger talent in NXT, like Tyson Kidd. Triple H said he believes in Kidd. He also said Cesaro has been great in working with the NXT talents.

* We will see NXT become a bigger part of the Network as it grows.

* Triple H confirmed that they have thought about doing the NXT TV tapings more often but said the more you film, the higher costs are. He would love for NXT to be live every week but there are many factors involved. He said everything is on the table.

* WWE has held tryouts in the Middle East, Europe and Brazil recently. Triple H is focused on working with creative to recruit international talents.

* Triple H didn't know 100% if Tough Enough would be filmed at the Performance Center in Orlando but said it's being planned out.

* He couldn't give medical updates on Christian or Rey Mysterio due to HIPPA laws but said they are recovering.

* He had no comment on Prince Devitt and KENTA but knows who they are.

* He said they are still in talks with former NFL player Shawne Merriman and they would love to have him onboard.

* He believes there is big opportunity for NXT to succeed as its own brand and said even Vince McMahon acknowledged that they have created a brand in NXT. He said Vince was expecting just a TV show but got a brand instead. Vince was surprised by the buzz NXT has received since the Network launched.


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