Triple H Talks Feud With The Shield And When It Will End, Reveals Big Matches For SmakDown, More

As seen above, Triple H is back for another sitdown interview with Michael Cole. Here are some highlights:

* Triple H said putting Dean Ambrose in the 20-man battle royal for his United States Title was putting Ambrose in the ring with guys he should have defended against during his reign. He pointed out that Ambrose barely defended the title in 351 days. Triple H said he was just doing his job and because he's a fair boss, Ambrose will get a rematch against Sheamus on SmackDown this week.


* He also announces Roman Reigns vs. Mark Henry and Seth Rollins vs. Batista for SmackDown.

* He says it's his job to give guys like The Shield an opportunity to become great. It's his job to put obstacles in their way and let them grow.

* Cole asked when this will be over between he and The Shield. Triple H said it will be over when he says it's over. He will give them the chance to prove just how great they think they are. He wishes them the best of luck and says he believes in The Shield.