– Mason Ryan’s first post-WWE appearance will come this Saturday at an American Pro Wrestling Alliance TV taping in Shinnston, West Virginia. Rob Terry, Christian York and former WCW star Kevin Sullivan will also be appearing.

– WWE’s website has a new interview with Tyson Kidd to promote Thursday’s NXT Takeover event. Kidd talked about what he meant by his re-birth on NXT recently:

“It’s a fresh coat of paint, a whole new start and a way for the WWE Universe to see Tyson Kidd in a different light than they have for the first few years I’ve been on the main roster. I think they’ll see a more complete package. I’m a constant work in progress, always working on every aspect to get better and better. You’re always going to see a different Tyson Kidd. Not that I haven’t been in the past, but I’m more motivated, focused and driven than ever before.”

– We noted before that Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy faced The Briscoes at an OMEGA event earlier this year. Matt tweeted the following and is teasing another tag team dream match:

“Dear tag team wrestling fans, Pretty positive another pro wrestling tag team dream match is gonna be officially announced soon. Stay tuned”