WWE Extreme Rules: Kane Vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE World Heavyweight Title Match)

- We go backstage to The Wyatt Family and the kid. Bray tells little Johnny he did a good job. He says they are free and their message is out now. Bray says soon Cena will have to join them. The little kid with the distorted voice says Cena will follow the buzzards. The kid puts on a sheep mask and that's it.

- We get a promo for tonight's main event.

Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title: Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan wastes no time as he attacks Kane on the way in. They go to the ring and then back out to the floor. Kane destroys Bryan around ringside and throws him back in. Kane tosses chairs in. Kane turns around to a kendo stick shot. Bryan comes off the top but gets knocked out of mid-air. Kane with a big chair shot to the back. Kane slams Bryan through chairs for a 2 count.

More back and forth. Bryan with a missile dropkick that sends Kane out. Bryan dives through the ropes and fans start chanting. Bryan takes the top off the announcers table and nails Kane with it. Bryan takes a monitor off the table and nails him with that. Another shot with a piece of the table, and another. Kane fights back and slams Bryan into the Spanish table. Kane smacks Bryan with a piece of the table now. Kane climbs up on the Spanish table with Bryan. Bryan blocks a chokeslam and sends Kane to the floor. Kane runs into a knee. Bryan runs off the table and nails a tornado DDT on the floor. Bryan with more kicks until Kane tosses him into the steps.

Bryan stops a Tombstone on the steps. Bryan with kendo stick shots. Kane beats Bryan back into the gorilla position area and keeps up the attack. Kane throws a plugged in TV into some water. Kane keeps up the attack and they fight out into the area where production trucks are parked. Bryan beats Kane with a shovel and then mounts him on top of a car with right hands. Kane back drops Bryan on top of the car. Kane tosses a cylinder but Bryan moves and it smashed the windshield. Kane swings while Bryan is against another car but he moves and Kane's fist goes through the window. Bryan takes a crowbar out of the trunk and decks Kane with it. Kane appears to be out and Bryan can't drag him. Bryan drags Kane onto a pallet that's slid onto the forks of a forklift. Kane moves and Bryan beats him with the crowbar some more. Bryan drives the forklift with Kane up on the pallet.

Bryan drives the forklift to the ring and raises the pallet up with Kane, above the top rope. Bryan tilts the forks and Kane rolls off into the ring. Bryan climbs up on the forks and steps out onto the pallet. Bryan leads a big "yes!" chant before leaping off with a diving headbutt on Kane. Bryan covers but Kane kicks out at 2. Bryan gets another chant going. Kane sits up and goes for a chokeslam but it's botched. Kane nails it and covers for a 2 count.

Kane grabs a chair and cuts his own throat. Bryan counters a Tombstone on the chair and DDT's Kane for a 2 count. Bryan with chairshots to the back now, several of them. Bryan with the Yes Lock now. Kane breaks the hold and smacks Bryan with a kendo stick. Bryan uses the kendo stick as leverage in the hold. Kane pulls himself out of the ring and breaks the hold. Bryan dives through the ropes but Kane catches him in mid-air and chokeslams him through the announcers table. Kane sets up a regular table at ringside. He pulls out some gasoline from under the ring and soaks the table. Kane lights the table on fire. Kane goes to the apron but Bryan counters and knocks him through the burning table. Crew members immediately spray Kane with fire extinguishers. This sends Kane stumbling into the ring where Bryan nails the flying knee for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

- After the match, Bryan celebrates with his belts. Kane recovers and sends Bryan running. Bryan retreats to the stage and Kane makes it explode. Extreme Rules goes off the air with Kane's music playing as he and Bryan stare each other down.


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