WWE Star Looking To Start Wrestling Federation?, Stacy Keibler Baby Bump Bikini Pic, Goldberg

- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an article at this link about Goldberg appearing on Jim Ross' podcast last week and joking that a bottle of Wild Turkey solidified him going to the University Of Georgia.

"My uncle asked me if I had any interest in going to Georgia because he thought very highly of a guy named Vince Dooley," Goldberg said. "Since they were the Junkyard Dogs (and) known for defense, it sort of played into my mentality. It was red and black. It was kind of a violent style of football. I gave it a shot again, what solidified my trip was a bottle of Wild Turkey that was handed to me as I was standing on top of a bar during my recruiting trip. You know, I had a great time at Georgia, great memories. It will always be that one thing in my life that I'll want to re-enact again."

- DNA India has an article here about Indian professional wrestler Sangram Singh claiming that he was been talking to The Great Khali about starting a wrestling federation in India.

"Khali and I are seriously looking at an Indian wrestling league," Singh said. "It's been my long-cherished dream to bring a wrestling league to India. By starting a wrestling league I hope to provide for wrestling the kind of visible and glamorous platform that the IPL has given to cricket."

- Stacy Keibler noted over the weekend that she was on her "babymoon" and posted these photos from her vacation:


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