WWE Superstars Recap With Video: Tag Team Champs The Usos & Divas Champ Paige In Action

This week's episode of Superstars opens with The Usos making their entrance. Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips are on commentary.

The Usos vs. 3MB

McIntyre and Jimmy start off. Jimmy flips him to the mat. McIntyre kicks him in the stomach and locks in a side headlock. He hits Jimmy with a shoulder tackle. Jimmy works on McIntyre's arm. He tags in Jey. McIntyre attacks him and tags in Mahal. Jey strikes Mahal. He hits another strike to the face and tags in Jimmy. The Usos double team Mahal. They send both Mahal and McIntyre from the ring and try for a dive, but 3MB moves. Hornswoggle yells at McIntyre, Slater, and Mahal as things go to commercial.


Back from commercial and Jimmy is in control of McIntyre. He chops McIntyre several times. McIntyre hits a high knee to the face. He strikes Jimmy in the corner and grates his face against the ropes. Mahal tags in and kicks Jimmy. He hits Jimmy with a neckbreaker. Mahal locks in Jimmy's head. He tags in McIntyre. 3MB double-teams Jimmy. Jimmy battles back with chops, but McIntyre lands a big boot to the face. McIntyre lands multiple shots to the face. Mahal tags in and knees Jimmy in the chest.

Hornswoggle attacks Jimmy when Mahal distracts the ref. Mahal chokes Jimmy on the middle rope with his leg. He locks in Jimmy's head from behind. Jimmy breaks free and lands an enziguri. Jey and McIntyre tag in. Jey takes it to McIntyre. He hits McIntyre with a Samoan drop and a flying knee in the corner. Jey lands the corner hip attack. Mahal breaks up the pin attempt, and gets thrown outside. Jimmy takes out Mahal with a dive. He tries to Superkick Hornswoggle, but Hornswoggle dodges and runs into Slater's downstairs. Back in the ring, Jey Superkicks McIntyre. Jimmy tags in and hits the splash from up top for the win.


Winners: The Usos

Back from commercial and Bray Wyatt's promo from RAW is shown. This is followed by John Cena's response from Main Event.

Then, the US Title Battle Royal from RAW is shown. This is followed by a recap of Paige winning the Divas Championship and her interview with Michael Cole.

Back from commercial and Paige makes her entrance.

Paige vs. Alicia Fox

They lock up. Paige kicks Fox. She tosses Fox across the ring and kicks her in the corner. Paige headbutts Fox. She knees Fox in the chest repeatedly. Fox rolls out of the ring for a breather. Paige follows, and Fox hits a backbreaker. Fox tosses Paige back inside. She kicks Paige. Fox goes for the pin and gets a two count. She slams Paige face-first to the mat. Fox locks in Paige's head. Fox body slams Paige. She picks up Paige again, and Paige counters into a pin attempt. Paige lands a dropkick. She goes for another pin attempt on Fox. Paige hits a trio of clotheslines. She charges Fox, and Fox puts an elbow up. Fox goes up top, and Paige pulls her off. Paige locks in the scorpion cross lock and Fox taps.

Winner: Paige

Back from commercial, and The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield from RAW is shown to end the show.