WWE Talking About Giving Talents Time Off To Recharge, WWE Executive Leaves, Attendance

- The idea of giving WWE talents time off to recharge and heal up has been talked about as a strategy down the line. The feeling right now is that may be a good thing but the weak roster depth doesn't allow it. There is concern right now about the idea of consistently running shows without either John Cena or Daniel Bryan as the advertised headliner.


- WWE's Vice President of Global Digital Sales Brian Maddox left the company to work as Vice President of Advertising Sales for Silver Chalice Ventures, which creates video channels and new digital media for sports products, this past week.

- The May 2nd WWE live event in Rochester, NY drew 6,000 fans while the May 3rd live event in Syracuse, NY drew 5,400 fans and the May 5th RAW in Albany drew 9,000 fans.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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