Bo Dallas Marries Recently Released NXT Diva

It was revealed on Friday that WWE Superstar Bo Dallas had gotten married.

"I am blessed, honored, joyed, FREAKING ecstatic to announce Mr and Mrs. Taylor Michael Rotunda!" Bo's sister Mika revealed on her Instagram account in the morning. "I have a beautiful new sister in law and can't wait to watch these two shine through life together and take this world by storm!"

The bride formerly appeared for WWE as she has been identified as a recently released Diva from NXT: Sarah Backman.

(Backman was tagged on her Instagram account with this photo)

If that name doesn't sound familiar, she is the Swedish born former eight-time World Arm Wrestling Champion who WWE officials recruited last year for NXT. Her run as Shara, however, was uneventful as she did not wrestle once for the developmental promotion before requesting her contract release in late April.


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