DX Alumni Wants Kurt Angle Back In WWE, Guerrero Family Member Responds To Vickie, Jesse Ventura

- Sean Waltman tweeted the following about Kurt Angle during last night's TNA Impact Wrestling episode:

"I even forgot Angle was still their. He's one of the best in the world still. He's half ass shooting in this. He has to or even he has to"

"Wash off the TNA stench. I really want to see Angle end it back in WWE. They groomed him & he's still a WWE guy under contract to TNA."

- WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura is launching a new podcast some time this summer.

- Earlier this week we linked to Vickie Guerrero's farewell letter on WWE's website. Penny Thompson Guerrero, wife of Hector Guerrero, tweeted a response to the letter:

"She thanked everyone except the family of who's name she uses.."


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