Former WWE Star Gives Advice To Talents Who Were Released, Says There's Life After WWE

- Former WWE Superstar Shane "Hurricane" Helms tweeted some advice to the released WWE talents today:

"To newly released talents, embrace your freedom. The Indy scene is on FIRE and is in fact home to the best wrestling in the world."

"The WWE is the biggest "stage" for pro wrestling but the "best" wrestling I've seen in the last years has been on the Indy's. Good luck!!"

"My point being, I know some of the guys might be a little scared and depressed but rest assured there's life after WWE, I promise you."

"And that's NOT a knock on WWE at all. But WWE is just one wrestling company, there's plenty of other great wrestling out there."

"Don't forget that WWE just had a stock market nightmare recently. These releases don't necessarily reflect anyone's level of talent."


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