More On Scott Hall Last Weekend, Bobby Heenan Note, Harley Race On His Toughest Title Reign

- One of our readers sent in this report for last weekend's wrestling fan fest in New England where Scott Hall arrived late and reportedly in rough shape:

"I was at that same show in Warwick, RI. Scott Hall, who was easily the most popular wrestler at the show, looked like a zombie. He barely moved his head and he had a glazed look in his eyes. He gave me the impression that he was heavily medicated. Sean Waltman did mention that as well, and referred to Hall's hip bothering him. At the end of the show Hall was not walking under his own power and had to be assisted. Both Waltman and Hall stayed late to meet with fans. I did not see them as being rude as reported by others, maybe distant would be a better word.

"Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan was also there with his wife. He is an amazingly strong man. I went to shake his hand and tell him how much I appreciated him. He let me know that he had a broken right arm and a broken back. Even with those issues he seemed to move around pretty well and seemed in great spirits, along with his lovely wife. They were a pleasure and a inspiration to meet. I had a picture taken with him and he flipped me off while it was taken, which cracked a lot of us up. I hope he comes back to RI again."

- Harley Race was interviewed by Under the Mat Radio in Baltimore, MD, which airs live every Tuesday from 6pm - 8pm ET on During the interview, which you can check out here, Race discussed holding the NWA Heavyweight Championship and his toughest title reign.

"Well at that point in time you were considered to be the top wrestler in the world. I was lucky enough to have that honor 8 different times. I wonder if I should've said I was lucky enough or good enough which one of those works the best," Race said. "I suppose my toughest reign was the last time around I was getting up in years and the young guys coming against me. At different times in your life you pay the price for being there (the World Champion)."

Race was also asked about his toughest opponents:

"It was several of them, back then it's almost impossible to give you a person. At that point in time wrestling was really starting to pick up worldwide. Way back, Lou Thesz was as tough as tough got. Then you had Dick the Bruiser and The Crusher."


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