- We see some of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys at ringside.

- We go to the ring and Jeremy Borash is there. He talks about the Von Erich family before bringing out Ross, Marshall and wrestling legend Kevin. The Von Erichs come out to a pop.

JB wishes Kevin a Happy Father's Day and he talks about how good it is to be here with so many memories and how good it is to introduce his sons.

Ross and Marshall Von Erich vs. Jessie Godderz and DJ Zema Ion

Ross and Marshall wait in the ring as Bro-Mans make their way out. Jessie cuts a promo on the way to the ring and rips on the Mavericks, the Cowboys and the Von Erichs. They hit the ring and Zema continues getting heel heat. The Von Erichs take off their jackets and get attacked from behind.

Marshall wrestles barefoot like his father. He works on Jessie and then Zema. Marshall calls for The Claw but Bro-Mans turn it around with some double teaming in the corner. Zema with a 2 count on Marshall. Zema knocks Ross off the apron. Marshall fights back but Zema cuts him off. Marshall with a big powerslam. Ross tags in and hits a pair of dropkicks. Ross goes to the top but Jessie pushes him to the floor. Zema runs the ropes and leaks out onto Ross.

Zema brings it back in for a 2 count. Fans chant for the Von Erichs but Jessie comes in and dropkicks Ross. Jessie misses a leg drop. Jessie blocks a sunset flip but misses a punch. Zema tags in but Ross manages to tag in Marshall. Marshall unloads and dropkicks Zema back into the corner. Marshall gets fired up and nails clotheslines no both opponents. More offense from the Von Erichs. Jessie brings a chair in but Ross dropkicks him out of the ring. Zema with a jawbreaker on Ross. Marshall takes out Zema with a clothesline. They double team Zema. Ross with a kick to the face. Marshall with a moonsault for a pin but Jessie hits him with a chair for the disqualification.

Winners by DQ: The Von Erichs

- After the bell, Kevin Von Erich comes in and takes out Jessie. He then applies The Claw on Zema as the crowd pops. Fans chant "you still got it" as Kevin poses in the ring with his sons.