Colt Cabana On Getting His WWE Release Phone Call, Dolph Ziggler & Sheamus, The Wyatt Family

- Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are featured in this week's WWE RAW Slam of the Week, as seen above.

- Rick Nash of the Low Blows podcast recently spoke with Colt Cabana about wrestling podcast, other wrestlers getting their own shows and more. Cabana also commented on the day he got the call he was being cut from WWE:

"It was a bummer. I was having lunch with Trent Berreta & Tyson Kidd when I got the call. It was awkward for them I think when I told them. I definitely saw it coming as they weren't really using me that well, but the reality of the situation was a total bummer."

- Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus are featured in this week's SmackDown Slam of the Week:


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