- Below is the full schedule for Sunday, day 148 of the WWE Network launch:

12:30 am ET - Saturday Nights Main Event: 1/4/86. Hulk Hogan defends the WWE Championship against Terry Funk. Junkyard Dog and Ricky Steamboat face Mr. Fuji and The Magnificent Muraco.

2:00 am ET - ECW Hardcore TV: 3/7/95. Shane Douglas defends the ECW World Heavyweight title against Tully Blanchard in the main event. Featuring Terry Funk, Cactus Jack and more.

3:00 am ET - ECW Hardcore TV: 3/14/95. Sabu and Taz compete in wild tag team action. Axl and Ian Rotten's rivalry reaches a new level. Featuring Terry Funk, Cactus Jack, and more.

4:00 am ET - Clash of the Champions: 8/24/94. Clash of the Champions XXVIII features World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan, putting the title on the line against 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair.

6:00 am ET - WCW Beach Blast 1993: 7/18/93. Sting and Dave Boy Smith face Big Van Vader and Sid Vicious. Ric Flair takes on Barry Windham. Dustin Rhodes faces Rick Rude.

9:00 am ET - This Week in WWE: 7/19/14. This Week...Tensions are on the rise with Battleground on the horizon, The Authority is back from vacation, and Ric Flair returns to Raw.

9:30 am ET - Legends of Wrestling: 9/30/06. The very first Legends of Wrestling roundtable showcases the incredible careers of 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper and Terry Funk.

10:30 am ET - Best of Raw: 7/1/02. Jeff Hardy looks to cement his legacy as he challenges The Undertaker for the Undisputed WWE Championship in an epic Ladder Match.

12:30 pm ET - Total Divas: 8/18/13. Brie makes Nikki insecure about her weight; Ariane considers getting breast implants, and Nattie wants more romance from her Fiance, TJ.

1:30 pm ET - WWE Superstars: 7/17/14. Just days before WWE Battleground, Ryback takes on R-Truth in our main event. The Divas are also in action, as Naomi battles Rosa Mendes!

2:30 pm ET - WWE Main Event Replay: 7/15/14. WWE Main Event features incredible in-ring action from the WWE Superstars and Divas of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown.

3:30 pm ET - WWE NXT: 7/17/14. Tyson Kidd takes on Sami Zayn in the Main Event.

4:30 pm ET - WWE Battleground 2013: 10/6/13. Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton for the vacant WWE Title. Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio for World Heavyweight Title in a Hardcore Rules Match.

7:30 pm ET - WWE Battleground 2014 Kickoff: 7/20/14. Renee Young, Alex Riley, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and a special guest Superstar cover all the events leading up to WWE Battleground 2014.

8:00 pm ET - WWE Battleground 2014: 7/20/14. On the battleground, there is only one rule: claim victory by any means necessary.

11:00 pm ET - WWE Battleground 2014 Replay: 7/20/14. On the battleground, there is only one rule: claim victory by any means necessary.