A legend among his peers, “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce possesses one of the most impressive resumés in the world of professional wrestling. A five-time NWA heavyweight champion, Pearce has worked in the ring and behind the curtain for some of the biggest (and a good deal of the smallest) wrestling promotions around the world, including Ring of Honor, TNA and WWE. On July 19, Pearce will revisit his epic “Seven Levels of Hate Feud” with longtime friend and occasional foe Colt Cabana as the two step into the ring at Steel Domain Wrestling‘s “8th Level” show in Hopkins, Minnesota for a steel cage match that will be carried on iPPV. Despite a busy schedule in which he carefully balances family life with the demands of traveling and competition, Pearce recently took some time to chat with WrestlingINC.com about his upcoming match with Cabana as well as some significant achievements in his noteworthy career.

Adam, pretty much every wrestling fan worth his or her salt would agree that you two set the bar really high through your “Seven Levels of Hate” feud back in 2012. Bring us up to speed on why you’re climbing back into the ring to square off against Colt.

They say that “old habits die hard”. Seems as though this course of action by the both of us would lend to that old adage, but truth be told, I don’t think either of us truly liked the way “Seven Levels of Hate ended” ? regardless of who ended up “winning” the series.

How did Steel Domain Wrestling and Hopkins, Minnesota become ground zero for this clash?

Promoter Ed Hellier has been an instrumental part in the careers of both Cabana and myself, offering us an avenue to perform since our teen years. Not only that but he also hosted Stage Three of “Seven Levels Of Hate.” He understands the history and the rivalry better than most so when he approached me with the idea of facing Cabana once more in an area that has known us going on two decades now it was a no-brainer.

And you’re in a steel cage again this time? What’s the endgame to this feud, Adam? Will there ever be a point at which you’re both satisfied with what you’ve accomplished through beating up each other?

That, to me, is icing on the cake. Not my idea, I’m ashamed to admit, but a wise one without question. The last time Cabana and I squared off in Steel Domain Wrestling we demolished the ringside area, scattered a sold-out crowd, dismantled part of the ring, and shed blood. I think we’re in the cage this time around for fan safety more than anything else.

With regard to your career in general, it really seems like you’ve been in high demand for the past couple of years. After your rivalry with Colt ended, you produced a critically acclaimed documentary of the battle (Seven Levels of Hate: The Uncut Story of Independent Wrestling’s Greatest Feud). You’ve also done some work for TNA and WWE and you even pursued a gig as the announcer for the San Diego Padres. Is there any man or woman in pro wrestling who is more well-rounded than Adam Pearce? What other mountains are you ready to climb?

Frankly, I’m blessed. I’m proud to say that my body of work speaks for itself and is a testament to my mantra. If you ‘work hard, treat people fairly, and earn respect’, things tend to take care of themselves. And whether I was on the road doing what I love, calling ball games for the Padres, or training the new crop of superstars at the WWE Performance Center I’ve always taken that approach. As for the future, you never know what mountains may present themselves for climbing.

For wrestling fans who don’t know what “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce is all about, what’s the best crash course to get them hooked?

My daily meanderings are pretty well chronicled on Twitter and on Facebook. To get a real sense of what is in store for Colt Cabana and me in the cage on July 19, go to SevenLevelsOfHate.com and get yourself up to speed!

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Combat Zone Wrestling ownder DJ Hyde made a surprise appearance at Rockstar Pro Wrestling’s “United We Stand” show in Dayton, Ohio on July 11, shocking fans and the men and women of the Rockstar Pro roster alike when he won the Rockstar Pro championship, defeating reigning champ Aaron Williams and ECW Original Rhino. In their July 12 press release, Rockstar Pro officials described how it all went down:

“CZW owner DJ Hyde has won the Rockstar Pro Wrestling Championship. Hyde wasn’t even announced for the July 11th ‘United We Stand’ iPPV event in Dayton, Ohio, but walked out with their title. The scheduled Main Event saw newly crowned Rockstar Pro Champion Alex Colon defending in a triple threat against former Rockstar Pro Champion Aaron Williams and Rhino. Rhino would come out the victor and new Champion. Immediately following the bell, Hyde announced that part of his arrangement with Rockstar Pro was a guaranteed title match whenever he wanted so he wanted it right then. Hyde defeated the exhausted new Champion Rhino who had just competed in a grueling triple threat against two of the Ohio promotion’s top stars. Colon had just defeated Williams for the title two days prior, ending Williams’ impressive 239 day reign.”

(Source: Rockstar Pro Wrestling)

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The July 19 episode of NWA Smoky Mountain TV is now online and the main event is a barnburner in which Chase Owens, Cedric Alexander, Adam Page and Trevor Lee meet in a four- way elimination match for the NWA World Junior heavyweight title. The entire match can be viewed here.

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