TNA Live Event Results From Louisville (7/18): Bobby Lashley Defends, Bully Ray Headlines

Thanks to reader Bryan for sending in these results from Friday's TNA live event in Louisville, KY:

Tag Team Title Match: Mr. Anderson & Gunner vs. The Bromans (Jesse & DJ Z) vs. The Wolves

Really solid match. Interesting because it was under tag turmoil rules. This allowed the faces to take turns beating down The Bromans. I was impressed by the Bromans, especially Jesse. He had a fun spot where he was wrenching two of his opponents arms against the ropes as he show boated for the crowd causing him not to notice when his opponents arms were replaced by DJ Z's arms and he continued to wrench his partners arms by mistake. In the end, the Wolves get the pin on the Bromans.

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky

Average match with a lot of Velvet playing to the crowd. Gail gets the win after her finisher.

Samoa Joe vs. Sanada w/ James Storm

I haven't watched a lot of Impact lately so my friend had to explain why Storm was in Sanada's corner. James did a good heel promo before the match and interfered throughout on Sanada's behalf. Joe was quite over with the crowd but there was a small Joe's gonna kill you/Sanada's gonna kill you" trade off in my section. A good but not great match where I was surprised to see Sanada get the win when Storm helped Sanada get leverage with a roll up pin.

Abyss vs. Magnus

Kind of a boring match that saw Abyss pin Magnus and also included one of the weakest chair shots I've ever seen by Magnus.

Intermission time. Brian and Earl Hebner sign autographs. The fact that Earl has officiated over 100,000 matches is hyped.

TNA World Title Match; Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young

Very good match with a ton of crowd interaction. I was surprised by the amount of Lashley fans in attendance. Both men got in a good amount of offense. The ending saw Lashley get the win after a low blow and a spear.

Tables Match: Bully Ray vs EC3 w/ Spud

Promos from both men before the match which saw Bully claim Spud liked EC3's balls in a baseball themed interaction (the show was at a baseball field). Decent match. The match was suddenly changed on its latter stages to a handicap match with Spud thrown in after Spud received a phone call from "Madame Dixie Carter". Earl Hebner even got in on the action when he scoop slammed Spud. Bully then put him through table with a power bomb for the win.

Bully closed out the show by leading the crowd in "Happy Birthday" for Al Snow who had been watching from the dugout area for most of the night. Bully took pictures with crowd to end the night.


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