WWE Battleground: The Wyatt Family Vs. The Usos (2 Of 3 Falls Tag Team Title Match)

- The 2014 WWE Battleground pay-per-view kicks off with a video for tonight's Fatal 4 Way main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. We're live from Tampa as Cole welcomes us.

2 of 3 Falls Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles: Erick Rowan and Luke Harper vs. The Usos

We go to the ring and out comes WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos to a big pop. The Wyatt Family graphic flashes and out comes Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.

Jey decks Rowan to start the match. Rowan gets upset and comes right back, beating Jey into the corner. Fans chant for The Usos as Harper tags in for some double teaming. Usos ducks clotheslines and dropkicks Harper out of the ring. Rowan gets knocked out next. Harper comes in and takes Jey to the corner. Harper with a big chop to the gut and rake to the eyes. Uso comes back but gets thrown under the bottom rope and to the floor.

Rowan comes in and takes control. Rowan with a big slam and a 2 count. Uso tries to fight back but Rowan drops him with an elbow for another 2 count. Harper tags back in and Rowan holds Uso so Harper can drop a knee to the face. Harper with a 2 count and the gator roll. Jey finally backdrops Harper and makes the tag. Jimmy goes to the top but lands on his feet. Harper runs over him with a big boot for a 3 count.

First Fall: The Wyatt Family

Harper goes to work on Jimmy and gets another 2 count. Rowan comes in and they don't let up on Uso. Rowan nails a big splash for a 2 count. Rowan keeps Uso grounded as fans chant. Uso fights free and fires away on Rowan. Uso goes for a slam but Rowan falls on top of him for a 2 count. Harper comes back in and keeps up the attack. Uso fights back and they eventually get the tag and a quick roll-up for the pin.

Second Fall: The Usos

Rowan snaps and the referee has to back him off. Rowan with a big slam for a 2 count. Rowan drops a knee. Harper comes back in and keeps control. Harper beats Uso down in the corner and puts a boot to him. Rowan tags back in for more offense in the corner. Harper comes in but ends up getting sent to the floor after he got caught up on the top rope. Jey finally tags in Jimmy to a big pop. He runs the ropes and leaps out onto Harper. Rowan comes in but he gets sent over the top. Uso runs the ropes and leaps out onto him next. Jimmy runs the barrier and splashes onto Harper again. They bring it back in and Jimmy goes to the top. He nails a crossbody for a 2 count.

They trade shots and Uso nails an enziguri. Uso with the big rear splash in the corner. Harper gets right up and splashes Uso in the opposite corner. Uso counters a sitdown powerbomb and nails a corkscrew from the top for a 2 count. Harper catches a superkick and nails a big boot, sending Jimmy back out of the ring. Harper plays to the crowd before leaping out onto Uso with a big dive. Harper brings it back in the ring as fans chant "this is awesome." We see Uso taking out Rowan on the floor. Harper goes to dive out on him but runs into a superkick. Jimmy rolls him up for 2. Harper nails the sitdown powerbomb for a very close 2 count.

Rowan tags in and goes to the top but misses a big splash. Harper goes to the other corner but gets crotched. Jey tags in and nails a big splash on Rowan for another very close 2 count. Uso goes up for another splash but Harper distracts him. Rowan gets up and they trade shots. Rowan climbs up but Uso keeps hitting him. Jimmy tags and Rowan takes control of both them on the corner. Rowan nails a huge double superplex on both Usos. Rowan covers for a 2 count. Harper tags in for a double team move but Jey breaks it up. Harper blocks a roll-up and nails a superkick. Harper goes for the big clothesline but gets kicked in the mouth. Harper nails a clothesline anyway for a close 2 count as Jey breaks the pin. Harper dumps Uso out to the floor. Jimmy ducks a clothesline and nails a superkick. Jey tags in for some double teaming. Rowan gets knocked off the apron. Jimmy tags in as fans boo. They both go to the top for a double splash and nail it on Harper for the win.

Winners: The Usos

- After the match, The Usos are slow to get up but pose with the titles as we go to replays. We come back to The Usos celebrating with their titles.


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