– Alberto Del Rio replaced Ricardo Rodriguez as the interviewer for the backstage interviews that are inserted to the Raw and Smackdown broadcasts in Mexico. Rodriguez had been doing them since last October. Del Rio referenced Rodriguez’s release and said:

“You are probably wondering where the fat and useless Ricardo Rodriguez is, well who cares where Ricardo Rodriguez is when you have the best international star to ever come to the WWE right here.”

The Motley Fool has an article here about the WWE Network being a bust so far, and noted that the number of subscribers announced last week was “stunningly disappointing.”

– VOX Media has an article at this link about why HBO Go will not be following the WWE Network model, noting that “it’s very, very hard to find enough subscribers to such a specifically tailored streaming service.” The article added that “subscriber numbers have fallen far short of what the WWE had hoped for, and they could start to plummet in the next quarter.”

Mactastic1337 contributed to this article.