– Bill Goldberg recently appeared on The Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll for CBS Atlanta. The full interview is at this link.

Carroll asked Goldberg about his involvement with The Drive To Feed organization. Goldberg said the charity hits close to home for him as two out of every five students get their only substantial meal of the day when they’re at the school his child attends.

Goldberg also provided insight as to why Sting appears to be just dipping his toes in WWE waters and not fully committing to wrestling a match. Goldberg was in a similar situation last October when WWE released his DVD. He said:

“It’s a guy like Sting. It’s a guy like me that makes decisions not based upon wrestling logic, but based upon individual needs and desires. There’s a lot that plays into these things. It’s taken him this long to be a member of the WWE. He’s surely not going to make a hasty decision about anything.”

He continued on Sting possibly wrestling a match for WWE:

“You never know what WWE is doing. You never know what any of these guys are doing. You don’t know if they’re publicizing it to ramp up for an in-ring return or an appearance of if they’re just hinting at it so that they can sell more video games. You just never know.”

Goldberg also commented about working independent wrestling signings:

“I obviously look at the roster before I choose to attend one of these, which plays a huge role in whether I do it or not. For the most part it’s a good time.”

The full interview is at this link.

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