Diamond Dallas Page Talks Success Of DDP Yoga, Jake Roberts On DDP Giving Him Hope Again

- The Huffington Post has a lengthy new article up on Diamond Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga. Page talked about the success of the product:

"From wrestling, I learned what I'm not going to do again. I let the WWE control my destiny and it didn't work out so well. Since then I am not afraid to get up and walk away from the table. I'm not going to have anyone tell me what I can do promoting my product. We live it."

"Sure, there were times when I was thinking, "Dammit, did I just waste $500,000 of my nest egg on something that isn't catching on!' But then I'd get a thank you email, or an email about someone's pain management, or an email from someone telling me that every morning they would be waking up in pain, but no longer. I knew it was real – the thank you emails."

"That diamond cutter sign became my moniker. At first there were 5, then 50, then 500, then 1,000, and then 20,000 thousand people doing it. I think that's because people saw me working my ass off and they admired that attitude. Same thing with DDP YOGA, the attitude is that the system will improve your physiology and flexibility and core strength. It can literally help heal you."

The article also features quotes from Jake Roberts. Jake commented on DDP helping him turn his life around:

"Dallas has a passion for helping people. Dallas tricked me into doing the program. He got me off gluten and dairy and got the parts moving again. He moved me to Atlanta, got me eating the right kind of food. The swelling in my hands was gone. My hands are all crooked and bent, and there was so much inflammation."

"I hadn't had any passion for a long time. I was proud of what I was doing in the ring. But those days were gone. Being into this (DDP YOGA) gave me hope again. It got me dreaming about the good things in my life. No bulls–t. I'll never be able to thank Dallas enough for saving my life."