Former WWE Star Claims WWE Would Have Referees Snitch On Wrestlers, Refs Bonused For DQs

As noted, former WWE Superstar Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal) did a live shoot interview with Kayfabe Commentaries a few weeks back. Replays can be found at this link for $15.99. Bourne was asked who is the "biggest b---h" in WWE in terms of authority. He replied:

"I don't think you could call any of the producers little b-----s at all. Every now and then they try and get the referees to be snitches on us. Not the agents, in the Talent Relations chain, someone would leverage a referee for information. I always felt like that might have been a thing that went on."

Bourne then claimed that referees were given bonuses for disqualifying talents in matches that are obviously pre-determined. He said:

"Referees weren't always with wrestlers. On the house shows they would do the ring crew so they would travel completely separately. There was certainly... they'd try to pit us against each other. They did stuff like, if you're doing something totally illegal, like if you have a 5 count in the corner and you're punching the guy, the ref counts to 5 and he disqualifies you. He got a bonus for that DQ because he followed the rules and we didn't. I'm dead serious, that was a thing. They would bonus the ref for applying the rule set."


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