Jake Roberts Notes From Vegas, Seth Rollins, Goldust Talks WWE Changes & More, Sting's Son

- Above is video of Sam Roberts talking with Goldust during SummerSlam weekend, about how WWE has changed, his brother Stardust, people not wanting to work with him and more.

- Scout.com has an article about Sting's son Steven Borden, who is a senior & tight-end at the University of Kentucky. It doesn't look like Borden will be following in his father's footsteps as one of his coaches Vince Marrow commented: "I was blown away when I first found out who his dad was and they came on their official visit. But you can tell that some kids just don't want to live in their father's shadow. He wants to write that own chapter of his life. And, I'm telling you, the kid is really putting in the work. He wants to be a great football player."

- Seth Rollins will be appearing at the Gamestop Expo on September 10th from Anaheim, California to promote WWE 2K15.

- The Las Vegas Review-Journal has a brief article about Jake Roberts and Freakshow Wrestling, the event Jake was flying to Vegas for. It was noted that Freakshow planned to take up a collection from fans at their event this weekend to help with Jake's medical bills. Former WWE star Rikishi filled in for Jake on that event.


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