Konnan Says Triple H & Vince Need To Be Held Accountable For Racism, Stephanie Talks Bullying

- Earlier this week, recently released WWE Superstar Ricardo Rodriguez recounted some negative experiences he had with Paul "Triple H" Levesque. According to the former Superstar, WWE's Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events and Creative called him fat and compared him to an overweight cartoon character who behaves in a stereotypical manner.


Rodriguez wrote to Kevin Steen on Twitter in response to news of his WWE contract signing, "Congrats.. I hope he at least looked at you while shaking hands at one point and did call you fat as f–k. #OhMemories."

The former personal ring announcer of Alberto Del Rio also revealed that Triple H never referred to him by his name, but as "Bumblebee," an overweight Latino cartoon character on The Simpsons who dresses in a bumblebee costume and is portrayed as a spoof on common American stereotypes of Mexican pop culture.

"#BumbleBee was his name for me? Don't even think he ever knew my real name," Rodriguez stated.

Former WWE and WCW talent Konnan, who has been urging fans to boycott "racist WWE" after Alberto Del Rio's contract was terminated last week following a physical altercation with an employee (he slapped Cody Barbierri, Manager of Social Media Live Events, in response to a comment he perceived as racist) offered his take on Triple H referring to Rodriguez as "Bumblebee": "That you shows you the racist element of upper management."


He added, "Soon u will hear why i am saying this..[Vince McMahon] and [Triple H] have made numerous racists remarks which they will have to be held accountable for."

- With SummerSlam taking place this Sunday in Los Angeles, California, at the Staples Center, WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon appeared at the Boys and Girls Club of East Los Angeles to promote the event and to talk to kids about how to prevent bullying as part of WWE's 'Be a STAR' anti-bullying program.

Speaking to 13-year-old Hannah Mitchell, daughter of Times Sports Now editor Houston Mitchell, McMahon offered advice on what a kid should do if he or she is being harassed by a bully.

"I would suggest that they tell a trusted adult. It's very important that you tell someone when you are being bullied, someone that you trust. You should never be quiet when you are being bullied or when you see someone being bullied. It's so important to stand up and say something," said Stephanie.

This Sunday at SummerSlam, Stephanie will take on Brie Bella. With her tremendous workload and being a mother of three, how does she find time to train?

"Late at night, I train after I put my kids to bed, because putting my kids to bed is very important to me. I have three daughters, they are 8, 6 and soon to be 4. So I train after they go to bed. And it's very challenging, but I've got to do it because health and fitness are also very important to being a success," said Stephanie.


Elsewhere in the interview, Stephanie discussed her favorite wrestler growing up and whether she gets nervous before appearing on television.