Superstars Recap: Titus O'Neil And Heath Slater Vs. El Torito And Hornswoggle, Emma Vs. Alicia Fox

Superstars opens with Los Matadores making their entrance. Hornswoggle comes out after El Torito and he's dressed like a cow. Renee Young and Tom Phillips are on commentary.

El Torito and Hornswoggle (with Los Matadores) vs. Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil

Titus grabs Torito's head before the bell and shoves him. Los Matadores kick him out of the ring, and then double back suplex Slater before rolling out of the ring. Slater and Torito start off. Torito kicks Slater in the legs several times. Slater clotheslines Torito, and Titus tags himself in. Slater argues with him before leaving the ring. Titus slaps Torito in the back. He tries to toss Torito across the ring, but Torito hangs onto Titus's arm. Torito slaps Titus in the head several times, and Titus tags in Slater.

Slater charges Torito, and Torito ducks and rams into Titus on the apron. Slater turns around and tries to boot Torito, but Torito moves and Slater boots Titus off the apron. Torito slams Slater face first onto the mat. He tags in Hornswoggle, and then hits Slater with a moonsault. Hornswoggle climbs up top and hits Slater with the tadpole splash for the win.

Winners: El Torito and Hornswoggle

After a commercial break, the segment with Nikki Bella explaining why she betrayed Brie at SummerSlam from RAW is shown. Then, after another commercial break, Paul Heyman's promo from RAW is shown.

Back from commercial and Emma makes her entrance.

Emma vs. Alicia Fox

Fox backs Emma to the ropes. She shoves Emma. They lock up, and Fox backs Emma to the ropes again. They take turns shoving each other. Fox locks in Emma's arm. Emma counters out via a monkey flip, but Fox locks her arm back in. Emma spreads Fox's stance out really wide with her feet, causing Fox to teeter, and then kicks her in the head. Emma makes Fox trip and fall, and then goes for the pin. Fox leaps at Emma, and Emma moves. Fox hits the mat, and Emma goes for a pin attempt. Fox rolls to the outside for a breather.

Fox throws a tantrum as the ref counts. At one point she kicks the announce table, and it looks like she hurt her foot. Fox gets back in the ring. She mocks Emma's dancing, and then boots her in the chest as things go to commercial. Back from commercial and Fox tosses Emma into the ring. She locks in Emma's head from behind. Fox kicks Emma in the head, and then locks it back in from behind. Fox hits her northern lights suplex. She shoves Emma in the back and chokes her on the middle rope. Fox locks Emma's head in again.

Fox tries to toss Emma out of the ring, but Emma counters and sends her from the ring. Fox gets angry and storms back inside. Emma gets a quick pin attempt. She kicks Fox and slaps her. Fox charges for a corner big boot, but Emma moves and counters into a roll up attempt. Emma lands several strikes and a clothesline. Emma goes to the apron. Fox tries to slam her head into the mat, but Emma kicks Fox in the head. Emma goes up top and hits Fox with a crossbody for the win.

Winner: Emma

Fox starts throwing another tantrum after the match. Then, the ice bucket segment with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose from RAW is shown. After a commercial break, Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater are backstage. Slater wants to talk, but Titus doesn't want to. He says Slater just went out there and lost to a baby cow and a baby bull, and he wants to talk to him? Titus yells what is there to talk about. Slater says Titus doesn't have to yell; he was out there too. He asks where Titus was when he was getting beat. Titus says Slater is being disrespectful, and Slater says he yelled first. He's just trying to talk to Titus as a friend and teammate. Titus says they're neither of those things. Slater says they need to be in the team together, and Titus keeps denying they're a team as he leaves.

Next, Ambrose vs. Rollins from RAW is shown to end the show.


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