Transcript Of Alberto Del Rio's Promo At AAA TripleMania Last Night, Says Racism Is A Monster

Below is the English translation of Alberto Del Rio's promo at AAA's TripleMania event in Mexico last night, courtesy of reader "NegativeFeedback":

"History is made today as the day El Patrón returns home! But the truth is, that after listening to that huge ovation, I think it's clear that El Patrón never really left. Because his heart belongs to all of you; it belongs to Mexico! A lot has been talked about as to why I left and why I returned. Seven years ago I embarked on a dream, an adventure called the United States. And through suffering, blood, sweat and tears, I showed those North Americans and I showed the entire world that when you do things with heart, with love and with passion and staying humble before the eyes of God, our lord, dreams become a reality.

"Of course, it wasn't easy. And there was a day that the dream became a nightmare. And like many of you, and if not you, your family members, that have gone to the other side seeking welfare for the ones we love? I encountered a monster. A monster called "Racism". Racism doesn't distinguish gender, race, religion, color. It doesn't care if you have money or if you don't. But this man that is right here (Dos Caras) that has given me everything and has made me the man I am today, he gave me the grandest legacy that a father can give his son, the honesty and the spirit to triumph. He never lowered his head so that I could learn to never lower mine for anybody. I love you, dad.

"In the United States, they can take my job, but they will never take my dignity and my pride. And tonight countrymen, I promise to you and God, that no one else will disrespect me, my people, and those that I love. Because I am El Patrón, Alberto, and I am Mexican!"