WWE Diva Reveals Why She's Been Gone, NWO On Instagram, WWE Puts Two Year Old To The Test

- We posted a video last week of two year old WWE fan Beckett Sage correctly naming the themes of 20 different WWE superstar themes in two minutes. In the video above, WWE puts Sage to the test and he passes once again, with flying colors.

- Naomi noted on her Twitter that she's been missing in action lately after undergoing a procedure. She wrote:

"To my fans-I had to have a minor procedure done to correct a problem from the orbital fracture, I'll be back with a whole new feel #SLAYOMI"

- To promote the new "Monday Night WAR" series on WWE Network and the rise of the nWo, the WWE posted 9 different photos today on their Instagram, each being a piece of the nWo logo. The full logo is below:


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