WWE SummerSlam: Rusev Vs. Jack Swagger (Flag Match)

- We get the Sting promo for WWE 2K15.

Flag Match: Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

We go to the ring and out comes Rusev with Lana. The winner of this match will have their flag displayed above the ring. Lana cuts a promo and rips on Hollywood, calling it everything that's wrong with America. A Color Guard comes out to begin Swagger's entrance. He comes out with Zeb Colter and the American flag. Rusev attacks Swagger before the match and the American flag actually touches the ground. Swagger fights back and they're separated. Lana yells at everyone, including Rusev. Fans chant USA as Rusev sells a leg injury.

The bell rings and Swagger unloads on Rusev in the corner. Fans chant "we the people" as Swagger has control. Rusev goes to the floor but Swagger brings him back in. Rusev limps back out to the floor and Swagger runs him over. They come back in the ring. Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb but Rusev gets his knees up. Rusev works Swagger over now but his ankle is hurt. Rusev with knees in the corner now. Rusev with a big kick to the back. Rusev keeps control as fans chant for Swagger. Rusev with a headbutt and a bear hug now.

Rusev keeps control and sends Swagger to the mat. Rusev with a knee to the back. Swagger makes a comeback and hits a big clothesline. Swagger with a splash in the corner and a boot to the face. Swagger nails the Swagger Bomb for a 2 count. Rusev fights back. Swagger catches a superkick and goes for the Patriot Lock but it's blocked. Swagger slams Rusev for a 2 count. Rusev goes for Swagger's injured ribs again and hits the superkick. Lana tells Rusev to crush. Rusev stomps Swagger's back and goes for The Accolade but his ankle gives out. Rusev does the move on one foot and a knee but Swagger powers out. Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock but and tightens it, pulling Rusev back. Rusev breaks it and hits a big kick. Rusev locks in The Accolade like usual now for the win as Swagger passes out. He did not tap.

Winner: Rusev

- After the match, Zeb comes in to check on Swagger. Lana comes in and yells at Zeb. Rusev runs over Zeb with a big kick to the head. Lana and Rusev stand over them as the Russian flag drops down over the ring and the Russian national anthem plays.


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