– Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez will apparently be reuniting in Puerto Rico. Last Saturday’s WWC TV show ended with Juan Manuel Ortega driving to the San Juan airport looking for a mystery man, who was revealed to be Ricardo. Juan started talking to Ricardo about how he manages the WWC Universal Champion and the Tag Team Champions and said that there’s one man he needs out of the picture (Ray Gonzalez) so that he can keep taking over the company. Ricardo said that he has a message from El Patron to Ray. They then drove to a golf course where Ray was playing and they confronted Ray. Ricardo started insulting Puerto Rico and said that El Patron Alberto Del Rio has a message for him, and then spit in Ray’s face to end the segment.

– Speaking of Del Rio, The Washington Post has an article here about Del Rio’s WWE non-compete clause being thrown out.

– And speaking of Ricardo, he will be facing Ray Gonzalez at this Saturday’s WWC Septiembre Negro event. Also at the show, Mason Ryan will be challenging WWC Universal Champion Mighty Ursus for the title. Ryan will also compete in the Carlos Colon Battle Royal at the show.

– JournalStar.com has a story at this link about last night’s SmackDown taping in Lincoln, NE.

Carli contributed to this article.