– Cassandra Frazier, the widow of former WWE Superstar Nelson “Big Daddy V” Frazier, tells Examiner.com that she has received less than $100 from Frazier’s former tag team partner and longtime friend Bobby “Sir Mo” Horne, who collected money from fans and others in the business. When Frazier passed in February of this year, Horne reportedly gathered funds to help with Frazier’s debt and funeral costs. Horne reportedly raised “a large sum” from the wrestling industry and Cassandra now says she received less than $100 from those funds. She said:

“I initially thought no one cared, no one remembered Nelson. I thought how can these people be so cruel but then I found out they did care and so many tried to help but I never received a dime that was sent to Bobby (Horne).”

“I don’t know what Bobby did with all that money but he didn’t pass it along to me and I know he said he paid for Nelson’s funeral and stuff and he’s a liar. If he paid for Nelson to be cremated and for his urn, then why did I have to sell almost everything in our house? I have almost nothing left. I have had to move so many times since Nelson passed and you know, if I would have gotten anything at all from Bobby, I might have been okay.”

According to this story, Horne was taking donations through his Paypal account at first but later allowed fans to send money directly to Cassandra. Cassandra claims she still didn’t see any money from Horne.

Horne reportedly told Examiner that he had nothing to prove. Cassandra also claims that Horne asked for money to pay for Frazier’s headstone. Horne responded to that claim also:

“Don’t come at me with bullsh** about Nelson’s services. I didn’t solicit any funds for no headstone. My side was to handle the details of Nelson’s service, all the money went towards Nelson’s service.”

Cassandra says Horne isn’t telling the truth. She said:

“The church (where services were held) was donated, so was the food and everything else I paid for by selling everything. He’s a liar plain and simple. He was always asking people for money for his kidney transplant and his dialysis on Facebook but hardly at all since Nelson died. He spent all that money on himself and his dialysis, he’s a scumbag and I will tell him that to his face. What he done is illegal and he should have to pay every cent back. I’m willing to take a lie detector test, any time, any place and prove I never got any money from Bobby Horne, you ask him if he is willing to do the same. Nelson didn’t even like him, he didn’t trust him, didn’t want him over to the house so why did I believe him when he said he would help me I don’t know.”

Horne insists he did right by his friend. He said:

“My partner died without insurance and no money, I helped lay him to rest (the) best I could with what funds we had to work with.”