CHIKARA King Of Trios Night 1 Results From Easton, PA (9/19): Waltman, Spirit Squad, The LAX, More

Below are results from CHIKARA's King of Trios Night 1, held on Friday night in Easton, PA:

* Sean Waltman was introduced as guest commentator.

* Team UK defeated The Bloc Party when Mark Andrews hit a SSP on Mr. Azerbaijan.

* Team Gekido defeated Team KE4TPG when Jigsaw made Jolly Roger tap.

* The Spirit Squad defeated Kizarny and his Odditorium. The Spirit Squad was over big time.

* The Flood defeated The Spectral Envoy. Deucalion appeared with Delirious and made him attack UltraMantis Black.

* Intermission

* Devastation Corporation defeated Team Extravaganza.

* Team Peck 3.0 defeated Team BDK3.

* The Golden Trio defeated LAX when The Throwbacks double-teamed Chavo Guerrero. Chavo cut a promo and praised indie wrestling.

* The Greenhorn Militia came out to challenge Deucalion and The Flood. Hallowicked came out to lead them to the back.

* The Colony defeated The Colony Extreme Force.


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