– Below are results from CHIKARA’s King of Trios Night 2, held on Saturday night in Easton, PA:

* Rey de Voladores: Shynron defeated Tigre Uno, Chuck Taylor and Rich Swann. Swann eliminated Taylor first, Uno eliminated Swann next and Shynron pinned Uno.

* 3Peck0 defeated GEKIDO when Jigsaw tapped out to Shane Matthews. Jigsaw and Shard fought after the match. Mike Quackenbush appeared and asked Jigsaw which side he was on, saying CHIKARA needs him and is family. Jigsaw left on his own and said he doesn’t need anybody.

* Juan Francisco de Coronado defeated Rockstar Spud.

* The Greenhorn Militia challenged Deucalion to a fight but he doesn’t show.

* Devastation Corporation defeated Team UK.

* Rey de Voladores: Sanada defeated AR Fox, Orlando Christopher and Amasis. Sanada eliminated Christopher first, Amasis eliminated Fox next and Sanada pinned Amasis after mist to the eye and a superkick.

* Golden Trio defeated The Spirit Squad when Kenny tapped out.

* Yamamoto (Yoshi Tatsu) vs. Ashley Remington ended in a DQ when Juan Francisco de Coronado interfered and attacked Remington.

* The Flood Elite defeated The Colony when Deucalion and came out with Solder Ant leading to Soldier Ant hitting Worker Ant. Jimmy Jacobs pinned Worker Ant to get the win.

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