Former WWE Superstar Asked About "Ring Rats" In WWE, Says The Attitude Era Killed It

- Former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay recently did a YouShoot shoot interview with Kayfabe Commentaries. The DVD is available for $20 and the VOD version is available for $15.99 at this link. Brodus was asked if "ring rats" exist around WWE today, referring to female fans who look to "hook up" with wrestlers after the shows. Brodus replied:

"I think the Attitude Era killed the so-called rats. We don't have rats now, we have guys with iPads wanting to take our pictures and sign their toys. That's our rats. We missed out, Ernie Ladd would be furious. It's not our fault, we come out of the show and there's a family of 4 that want to take a picture with The Funkasaurus. Then there's Darryl with his action figures and his books and stuff he wants us to sign. We have more like hamsters I guess, we don't really have rats. The Attitude Era had the crazy rock & roll girls and stuff. I heard rumors. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for that because if any of them want to flash, we'd be like bro, please don't do that it's not cool. We missed the boat."


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