Jerry Springer Talks Intervention With The Bella Twins On Monday's RAW, Hosting RAW In 2010

Jerry Springer recently spoke with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald to promote his appearance on Monday's WWE RAW in an intervention segment with The Bella Twins. Below are some highlights:

Guest hosting RAW in 2010 and his "Superstars Most Intimate Relationships" segment:

"Well, unfortunately I'm a reason for why a lot of fights start. What I remember is and the thing I was most taken with was when you meet these people in person, they are incredible athletes. Beyond being entertainers, this is clearly something you shouldn't try at home. They are not just big and strong, but they are mobile and acrobatic. It's pretty hard not to be impressed with these physical specimens. Don't think for a second there are a bunch of clowns up there playing around. They are really athletic…They all were so nice. I certainly appreciated it. I realize, for better or for worse, my show has been part of pop culture for the last 25 years. Everyone was around taking pictures, and they were nothing but nice."

The segment with The Bellas coming up:

"I hope I can bring some understanding or be a spark that can be lit and make the sisters come together. Who knows? The way I operate is I don't have any preconceived notions because until I hear them talking and answer some of my questions, I'm not going to have a suggestion. I can't go in with a canned answer because until they talk to me about it, I'm not going to have a response. I'm going to listen first and go as we go. I can imagine, knowing what 'Monday Night Raw' is, it will be a little bit over-the-top. That's fair to say, and it's not going to be because of me."


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