Former ROH Champion Michael Elgin wrote the following on Facebook today:

It is what it is.

I want to start this by thanking friends that have reached out in this terrible time.

But I want to rectify many claims that have been made. I am a very easy person to deal with, all I care about is things being done correctly. I’m in no shape or form saying that my way is correct or that I’m always right, but sometimes you need to find middle ground which has obviously been an issue.

Did I spend 1 min if my time to say I wanted to try baseball yes, was it intended to hurt ROH or show a lack if interest? Not at all for 30 min prior I was speaking highly if ROH and the world title.

Like any interview my main goal is to have people hear my beliefs of ROH, their history and their World Title. I was never turning my back on wrestling as it’s been the only thing that’s constant in my life since a very young age. I did play baseball in highschool and college so I wasn’t just overhyped due to any situation. I have given my life and well being to wrestling so you can dislike me and jump on the lets hate Elgin bandwagon if you wish but know the story.

I wrestle hurt and risk my health because of my love and respect to wrestling and the men and women who came before me. I’m not going into more detail because the I’m whining.

Many issues have arose, and it could be easy to point fingers. I will say many things were a misunderstanding that led to recent happenings. If I’m at fault, I have no problem owning up and taking responsibility. But as if now I will say claims, reports and opinions are very wrong and just rumors. I do hope that one day (sooner than later) things will be corrected and my name is restored.

I will admit I’m in Canada very angry, disappointed and so many other feelings that I don’t feel like going into detail about.

I’m not asking for goodwill or handouts but show some decency while you have no correct info.

All I know is I am without my beautiful wife, our great pets and new house. We have 2 mortgages to pay and many other bills that my money is going towards. I have almost zero clothes or personal belongings. This is a more drastic situation that anyone could understand. To my family in St. Louis I love and miss you, to Elgin supporters and haters alike thank you for supporting wrestling because without you I wouldn’t be anywhere.