NXT Diva's Debut Correction, More On The NXT Divas, New WWE Network Episodes, Booker & Sharmell

- In a correction from earlier, NXT's Dana Brooke made her debut in a tag match with Sasha Banks on Thursday, not a singles match. They defeated Bayley and Alexa Bliss. Our NXT correspondent, who regularly attends live events in Florida, noted that the Divas of NXT are putting on solid matches with just about every outing.

- Below are previews for next week's new episodes of WWE Countdown and The Monday Night War on the WWE Network:

The Monday Night War: "Extreme Championship Wrestling leaves an indelible mark on the Monday Night War as a hardcore alternative."

WWE Countdown: "Countdown Greatest High Flyers counts down the top ten greatest high flying superstars of all time!"

- Sharmell, Nitro Girl Storm and wrestlers from Booker T's Reality of Wrestling promotion visited kids with the One Step Closer Foundation in Houston, Texas yesterday. They also presented the group with a $10,000 check that was raised through ROW. Below is a photo:

Wayne Mason contributed to this article.


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