Retro Wednesday: Sean O'Haire Defeats Hulk Hogan

Upon the close of WCW in 2001, Natural Born Thriller members and WCW Tag Team Champions Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo seemlessly transitioned into the WWE fabric, but were met with teams such as the Hardy Boyz, APA, and the Brothers of Destruction, in which they lost their WCW tag titles to on an episode of SmackDown.

Two years later, vignettes were shown of O'Haire portraying a much darker and sinister character, advocating evil principles and being very defiant. This character received a boost when he soon became managed by "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

O'Haire's biggest victory would come after defeating Hulk Hogan – as "Mr. America" – by countout, with the distraction of Vince McMahon. Although this "Devil's Advocate" gimmick had a very short shelf life, it was certainly an eerie gimmick that drew massive attention and curiosity.

O'Haire certainly had a look to him that could have went further than he did as a singles wrestler. Despite this, he can put WCW World Tag Team Champion and a victory over Hulk Hogan on his resume of accomplishments, and was one of the top names of the latter WCW roster.

Prayers and support go out to his family and friends.