Sean O'Haire's Cause Of Death Revealed

As noted last night, former WCW and WWE star Sean O'Haire passed away yesterday at the age of 43.

TMZ reports that O'Haire committed suicide by hanging. O'Haire was found in his bedroom next to his bed with a rope tied around his neck that was connected to his bedpost. His father discovered the body and then called 911.

O'Haire started his wrestling career in WCW in 2000 after training at the Power Plant. He formed a tag team with Mark Jindrak and they received an instant push, winning the WCW Tag Team Championship under the storyline guidance of Kevin Nash. O'Haire was then paired with Chuck Palumbo, and the two won the WCW Team Championship and held them until WCW folded in 2001.

WWE picked up O'Haire and Palumbo's contracts, and they debuted as a team as part of The Alliance in June of 2001. They dropped the WCW tag titles to The Undertaker and Kane a little over a month later, and were split up.

O'Haire spent some time in OVW before he returned and was repackaged as a Devil's advocate, which was dropped pretty quickly. O'Haire returned once again as Roddy Piper's bodyguard for a short period. After Piper was let go by WWE due to some disparaging remarks he made about the company in an HBO piece, O'Haire floundered until he suffered a motorcycle accident in late 2003. He was sent to OVW after he recovered, and his run with the company ended in April of 2004.

O'Haire later embarked on an MMA career, which saw him go 4-2 before he retired in December of 2007.

We here at Wrestling Inc. send our sincerest condolences to O'Haire's family, friends and fans.