Shawn Michaels Filming TV Show, NFL Player Pays Homage To HBK, Photo Of Former WWE Star In Movie

- As noted earlier, former WWE superstar Tyler Reks has been cast in an upcoming film "Minutes to Midnight." He will play the role of Teagan, a ruthless bounty hunter. Financing for the film will be partially through Kickstarter, and there will be a Kickstarter launch party later this month on September 29th. You can check out a photo of Reks in the movie above.

- Shawn Michaels is currently filming season 5 of his hunting show, Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventure. He noted on Twitter last week that he traveled to the Yukon to film the series.

- Washington Redskins defensive end Ryan Kerrigan paid tribute to Shawn Michaels this weekend following a sack of Jacksonville Jaguars QB Chad Henne.

Kerrigan told Deadspin that teammate Will Compton has been begging him to utilize the taunt for a while. You can see a picture and comparison below.


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