Shelly Martinez Talks About Being Saved By Wrestling, Ex-Knockout To Japan, Former Diva's New Name

- On the heels of a bad breakup, Shelly Martinez gets emotional while talking about how she felt better after wrestling her friend, "Ultra Girl" Brittany Wonder, recently at a Hoodslam event in Northern California.

"Talk about releasing, oh my gosh. I got to release so much that was just pent up inside of me and I just needed to release it all, all these emotions, all this heartbreak, all this anger, all this frustration, all this hurt, and because Hoodslam booked me against my friend, who I can trust...we went out there and took our energy, and we had ourselves a hell of a match. And I'm sorry to get emotional, but it's beautiful...wrestling," said Martinez on her "Save Wrestling" podcast.

"At one point in my life, it hurt me so bad. Wrestling broke my heart, and now that my heart's broken, wrestling is being there for me. I just think it's so cool that all these times I could have cut corners, I could have slept with people to get a spot, I could have just not even slept with them, just flirted with people and led them on to get a spot, or more money, or screw people over; I didn't do it. And now finally I'm able to receive the blessing of keeping true to my art, and because that my art was good to me, and I just can't wait to see that match because that's what happens. I released in a way that I just needed to, it stuck in me."

This podcast is available here. Her show can be heard on and iTunes.

- Dark Angel, formerly known as Sarita in TNA Wrestling, is heading to Japan soon for an extended tour with women's promotion Stardom. Her primary wrestling home remains Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) in Mexico, but she tours Japan twice a year.

- Karlee Perez, formerly known as Maxine in WWE, revealed on her Twitter account that her name in Lucha Underground is Catrina. She appears as a heel valet for Ricky Banderas, who competed in TNA Wrestling as Judas Mesias. Her character is somewhat similar to how she portrayed herself in WWE.