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Tonight’s big show begins with the national anthem and the presentation of the colors. You might recall that at the time that this show was taped, the program was scheduled to ait on September 11, 2014.

Chris Melendez is welcomed for his in-ring debut. He’s taking on DJ Z.

Chris Melendez vs DJ Z

The announce team guys put Melendez over in a big way. Melendez hits a neckbreaker early on and DJ Z heels it up with a chop block. He ‘s s not on top for long as Melendez fires back and lands a sidewalk slam. Ion hits him with an elbow but Melendez responds with a fallaway slam and a Samoan Drop and gets the pinfall.

Result: Chris Melendez defeats DJ Z via pinfall.

The ongoing tag tourney and the Bobby Roode Lashley rivalry are revisited prior to the first commercial break.

After the commercials, Bobby Roode is in the ring taking in the accolades from the New York fans. He expresses gratitude to Eric Young for their match last week and reminds us all that he’s the current number one contender for Lashley’s title. MVP interrupts and tells Roode that Lashley is unstoppable and tells Roode that his run for the title is all over when the two finally clash in a week. Roode responds by telling Lashley that he knows Lashley can destroy him but that he won’t let that happen. Then MVP, Lashley and Kenny King jump on Roode and beat him down. Samoa Joe and Eric Young come out for the save and Joe suggests all six guys settle things now with a 3 on 3 match. Commercial sign.

Six man tag: Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley, MVP and Kenny King

Back from the break, Joe wipes out Kenny King and MVP with a suicide dive almost right off the bat. In the ring, Joe dominates King as the crowd chants “Joe’s gonna kill you!” King struggles in vain to mount any coherent offense although he does slow Jow down with a boot to the brain. Still, Joe stays on top and tags in Eric Young who continues smacking around King. King finally stops the onslaught long enough to tag in MVP . Young gets a near fall after a belly to belly suplex. MVP eventually tags in Lashley who runs roughshod over Young. He applies an MMA-style submission move and Young manages to counter. Lashley goes for a triangle choke next and Young picks up Lashley and slams him down in a very impressive spot. Young tags in Roode but Lashley tags out at the same time so the champ and the top contender never meet. Roode tosses around MVP for a bit,gets a near fall and then each of the teammates take turns running in to shake things up. Interestingly enough, Young again gets the better of Lashley in this series. After the dust settles, Roode drops MVP landing the pin and the win for his team.

Result: Roode’s team wins when Roode pins MVP.

After the break, we get a backstage glimpse of Brittany chatting up Gunner. She asks if Samuel Shaw is seeing anybody. She must go for the bad boys.

In the ring, the BroMans and the Beautiful People are all decked out in pink and it looks like they’re going at it against the Menagerie.

BroMans and Velvet Sky vs. The Menagerie

Crazzy Steve runs Jessie around in a circle to start the match. Knux tags indoes a cartwheel (much to everyone’s surprise) and slams Jessie down. Then he tags Crazzy Steve back in. Jessie gains the upper hand eventually and tags in Robbie who roughs up Steve. Even Angelina gets involved out on the floor. Steve lands a double DDT on BroMans after the guys try to double-team him. Some pretty cool spots follow when Rebel gets involved, raising the ire of the BroMans. Knux lays them both out with a single cross-body and then Steve plants a wet one on Velvet and flies outside to knock down BroMans again. Rebel looks like she can capitalize on Velvet’s discombobulation but the former KO champ ultimately rolls her up, getting the pin for her team.

Result: BroMans and Velvet Sky defeat The Menagerie when Velvet pins Rebel

Bully Ray and Devon talk backstage about how they’re going to win the tag tournament and then attention shifts to Kurt Angle in the ring. He says that one guy has been a malcontent for a while now and then summons EC3 from the back with the time-tested clarion call: “Get your ass out here now!” Angle says he’ll kick Carter’s butt in the proper fashion when he’s in better health but for tionight, EC3 is booked for a street fight versus Rhino. Ring the bell.

Street Fight: Rhino vs. EC3

These guys get busy quickly. Carter goes for a suplex on the ramp but Rhino actuall lands it and both guys are off their feet for a hot second. They get back in the ring and Rhino waffles EC3 with a baking tray and then whacks him a bunch with a kendo stick. Rhino gets a chair next but Carter cracks him in the yam bags to halt the big dude’s offense. He doles out a batch of punishment to Rhino, teasing a big spot with a trash can. Rhino powers back for a second but Carter lays him out with a chair and then smashes him on the garbage pail. They go back and forth until Carter hits Rhino with a skullcrusher on a chair, setting up the pinfall victory.

Result: EC3 defeats Rhino by pinfall.

They’re going to unveil the Knockout calendar cover after the next break.

Once all the ladies are assembled in the ring, Jeremy Borash announces that Velvet Sky will grace the cover of this year’s Knockouts calendar. Jessicka Havok storms out and attacks Gail Kim. The Beauts shove Brittany into Havok and she choke slams her and takes off with the title belt.

We get a promo for the Bound for Glory show in Japan and then a promo for messianic Cowboy James Storm and his humble protégée Sanada. They’ve got Manik in a shed somewhere and things fade out as Storm struggles to pull off Manik’s mask. Commercial sign.

Cowboy James Storm and The Great Sanada vs. Austin Aries and Tajiri

Apparently, Storm and Sanada are back from the woods and they’re ready for tag action .Sanada and Tajiri go first and it’s a sound, technical matchup. Austin gets a quick tag in and out as they keep the pressure up on Sanada. After another tag, they double team Sanada and Aries tries to lock in the Burning Hammer. Storm breaks it up and the bad guys end up outside at which time Aries takes them out with a suicide dive. Storm ends up mixing it up with Aries, taking him apart before bringing Sanada back in. Storm chokes out Aries while Sanada distracts the ref and then both guys continue to devastate Aries. Austin breaks free and tags Tajiri who comes in like lightning. Sanada and Tajiri slug it out in one corner as Aries and Storm go at it on the other side of the ring. Afterward, Tajiri puts Storm in the tarantula and then puts the same hold on Sanada. Sanada breaks out the mist though, and Tajiri is neutralized for the pin. A very good contest.

Result: Cowboy James Storm and The Great Sanada defeat Austin Aries and Tajiri when Sanada pins Tajiri

Backstage, Gail catches up with Havok but it doesn’t go smoothly. Tazz says they’ll keep the cameras running on the break…

Following the commercial, Gail Kim and Jessica Havok end up fighting around the ring area. Gail is restrained by security bur Havok trashes a bunch of the dudes who are around her.

Tables Match: Team 3-D vs. The Hardys vs. The Wolves

The brawling begins in earnest. When the initial chaos subsides, Team 3-D hit “What’s UP?!” on Matt Hardy. They tease a quick table spot but then they end up taking it outside, knocking out both Wolves with the table and then the Hardy’s hit a double dropkick to crack the table. Seems like a good time for a commercial, eh?

Once we’re back in TNALand, Jeff lays Edwards on a table but doesn’t follow through with the swanton. Eddie works over Devon in the corner but Bully breaks it up and they land an electric chair. Eddie gets fired up but Team 3-D bowl over him with a double shoulder block. Then it’s the Hardys’ turn and they set up a table in the corner. They almost put Bully through but he dodges and Jeff shatters the furniture with a dropkick. Chaos ensues and Jeff takes apart the ring steps amid a sea of debris. He positions a table between the steps and the ring apron but he can’t seal the deal, either. Matt and the Wolves fight in the ring until Team 3-D cleans house. They dismantle the stuff that Jeff set up and put the table up in the ring, which is already kinda, sort broken anyway. In the mad scramble that follows, nobody goes through the table on the inside. But on the floor, there’s another table and Matt rolls one of the Wolves on to it. Jeff hits a swanton from the top rope, sending the lone wolf through the table for the big win.

Result: The Hardys defeat The Wolves and Team 3-D.

Afterward, the Hardys set up a ladder in the ring, climb it and announce that the next stip will be a ladder match. Fade to black?good fight, goodnight.

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